Bill Will: - Work for a Smaller, Less Intrusive, Less Expensive Government
About Bill
  • Became politically aware in High School when he read Barry Goldwater's 'Conscience of a Conservative'
  • Read 'Atlas Shrugged' written by top-selling novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand
  • Studied with Ayn Rand, an unabashed advocate of capitalism and free markets
  • Ran for City Council President and Mayor in another jurisdiction
  • Helped 'liberalize' concealed carry of firearms in Virginia
  • Taught NRA handgun courses to over 1000 students
  • Was elected as a Soil and Water District Director in Virginia

    Bill is concerned with Clemmons 
  • Helped 'Pick Nick' in 2011
  • Worked to defeat the 2011 Clemmons Bond Referendum (for roads we didn't need)
  • Attended almost all Clemmons Village Council meetings from Oct 2011 to present
  • Addressed the Council during 'Citizens' Time' at several meetings - Most recently re the unmeasured impact of Clemmons' hiring 'dedicated' Sheriff's Deputies.

  • A former aerospace engineer, laser light show designer/producer and computer consultant, Bill lives in Clemmons with his wife Jackie and two dogs of indeterminate parentage and determined character.
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